Multi Splits



LG Multi Split range is the largest in the market. The MultiPort outdoor units MU Range can serve 2, 3, 4, 5 indoor units with 8 capacities (4.1 kW - 11.7 kW) and provide up to 167% capacity diversity.

The larger capacity FM Range Multi Split (11.7 kW - 16.7 kW ) and serve 2, 3 and 4 Fan Coil Distributor Box (DB) per Outdoor for individual FC control, The distance between Outdoor and Distributor Box can be 50m with total pipework of 100m.  The Y joints (2, 3, 4) and the branch box are complete with flare connections saving time and safety.

All LG outdoor unit heat exchangers have Gold Fin™ anti-corrosive protection

LG has the largest Quite, Reliable and Flexible range of indoor units in the Industry. 

The Indoor Unit is available in 10 varieties (Wall [Standard Plus, Deluxe, Mirror] &  [ LG Unique Artcool Gallery]1-Way Cassette, 4- Way Cassette, Low & High Static Ducted, Ceiling, Floor, and Console.  

Standard Plus, Deluxe & Mirror comes standard with EMBEDDED WiFi other FC can have WiFi Adaptor. 

All LG products are EUROVENT Certified. 




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WiFi Embedded Fan Coil Video 

Standard Plus - Deluxe - Mirror