Another 1st for Space Air

The very first VRVQ system delivered to the UK was installed in the Guildford offices of Space Airconditioning plc, Daikin distributors since 1980.

Daikin's unique VRVQ system has been specifically developed to replace the outdoor and indoor units of similar systems, originally designed to operate with HCFC R22 (or HFC R407C) refrigerant - without the need to replace the interconnecting pipe work!

Traces of old refrigerant and oil mixing with new refrigerants and oils can cause equipment malfunction. Typically, when upgrading to new equipment, it is recommended that all existing interconnecting pipe work be replaced at the same time as the outdoor and indoor units. This can be extremely costly and cause great disruption within the building.

Daikin developed new technology to capture and contain any contamination in the old pipe work, thus enabling new VRV outdoor and indoor units to be connected to existing pipe work, greatly simplifying the installation process.

Space Air ensured that the first VRVQ system available to the UK was earmarked to replace a VRV 'K Series' R407C system. In this example, the existing refrigerant pipe work and ceiling cassette fan coil units were retained. Only the outdoor condensing units and internal branch selector boxes were replaced. Commenting on the installation, Space Air's technical after sales manager, Sibat Butt said. "It is quite usual for new Daikin equipment to be installed in our own premises, but normally it would be destined for our training suite or a showroom. On this occasion, we chose to replace the system serving our main offices as the energy efficiency advantages satisfied one of our planned ISO 14001 objectives." Mr Butt continued. "The project was completed over one weekend and the only impact on the office staff was the temporary imposition of a few ceiling tiles being removed on Friday afternoon. By Monday morning the new VRVQ based system had been fully commissioned and was up and running, many staff being none the wiser that any change had taken place."

Daikin VRVQ, supplied by Space Air, affords all the operating and energy efficiency benefits of a completely new installation, at a fraction of the cost. Installation can be phased for added convenience and increased capacity can be achieved where required.

VRVQ is a must to consider if you are planning to upgrade your older VRV/VRF Air Conditioning system.

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