A2L class 🔥 R32 Refrigerant (2)

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 Legislation & Guidelines

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 Protocols Bans & Exemptions:

UK Government Study: of the impact of high GWP 

A1 class  non-flammables refrigerants (e.g. R410A) in Heat Pumps concluded that the carbon benefit of displacing fossil fuels was around 17 times higher than the impact of refrigerant leaks. without the risks, cost and uncertainty of A2L class 🔥 flammable refrigerants future (e.g. R32)

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 Strategy, Regulations, Obligations Standards & Statutory Instruments

- Building Safety Bill Fact Sheets 5 April 2022

Grenfell Inquiry hearings raised concerns about manufacturers making misleading claims about the performance of their products. The regulations that will be made under powers in the Bill will enable the National Regulator for construction products and local Trading Standards to investigate, enforce against and impose sanctions for false and misleading claims about the performance of construction products, including those made in advertisements.

Fact sheets relating to equipment and materials containing refrigerants

See all 31 Fact sheets relating to Building Safety Bill

- CCPI Code for Construction Product Information January 2022

- UK Government Heat and Building Strategy 5 October 2021


- Regulations and Statutory Instruments



- Standards 



ATEX 2014/34/EU 



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 Advisory documents by Industry Associations

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BS EN378 Notes

BS EN378






Kigali & EU

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 Guidelines, Recommendations,  Regulations, Papers & Reports


F-Gas Regulation
ASHRAE Classification
IOR - Paper
AREA & BS EN378 standards
International Standard - ISO 817
Grenfell Tower Report
Daikin Chemical 🔥R32
Impact Of Leakage in HP
UL/ AHRI Test Jan 2021    

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 Protocols & Progress

Kigali EPEE Presentation

UK Progress F-Gas Q&A

UK Gov Response to Q&A

UK Government Actions


F-Gas UK Gov Guidelines 


Refrigerant classification
There are over 300 types of refrigerants in THREE Safety Classifications with regards to flammability, in accordance with ISO 817:2014 (E) & ASHRAE34 International Standard clearly indicate that: 
               A1 class non-flammable, A2/A2L flammable🔥 & A3 Highly flammable/Explosive 🔥💥

2 Greenwashing
"Greenwashing is a deceptive form of marketing that claims a company's products, policies and goals are environmentally friendly and therefore do less damage to nature, with an underlying purpose to increase profits"
3 Suuply Chain (AC & Refrigeration Industry): 

"The supply chain in the AC & Refrigeration Industry includes any diciplne who handles any materials including flammable materials that requires extra risk assesment 
Local Authorities, Trade & Industry Associations (ACRIB, BRA, HEVAC, BESA, IOR, CIBSE, RIBA, HHIC, ACTUATE), Distributors & Wholesalers, Publishers, Advertising Agencies, Insurance companies, Government Departments,Transport, Building Users & Owners need to ONLY use, specify or support manufacturers who comply and abide by the 11 clauses of the CCPI code, to ensure their customer's safety. and the supply chain credibility & integrity. Manufactures should easily embrace The Code to confirm their published or unpublished corporate ethical claims
5Business Cartel ; Daikin Industries/ Chemical have patented (aprox3 00+ patents) A2L flammable 🔥R32 refrigerant and components used in small splits air conditioning equipment and licensed the patents to Japanese manufacturers (such as Mitsubishi Electric/Heavy, Fugitsu, Toshiba, etc), Korean manufacturers (LG & Samsung) & Chinese AC manufacturers, conditional on withdrawing current R410A non-flammable in small splits (refrigerant charge less than 3kg) and not mentioning that R32 is flammable 🔥 in their promotional materials or website?. This has been applied to UK & and some EU but not the rest of the world. Daikin is an International manufacturer and claim meeting International standards & safety obligations?. 
R410A is an A1 class non-flammable refrigerant is the dominant refrigerant in the world while 
🔥 R32 has been since 2015   


6Public Buildings means any building having free entrance or permissible for entry to the common masses, then that building will be called public buildings e.g. Offices, Restaurants, apartments, shops, Hospitals, Hotels, Supermarkets, Sports centres and Care homes, etc                                                                               Back to top


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