De Vere Oulton Hall

Hadrian Air Conditioning Ltd have installed a Daikin VRV 2 pipe system, designed by BES Consulting Engineers and supplied by Space Airconditioning plc, at the De Vere Oulton Hall, a five star hotel on the outskirts of Leeds.

The De Vere Oulton Hall is a Grade II listed building that has been lovingly restored. A hotel with traditional character and in keeping with its historical status whilst meeting the needs of a modern day five star hotel. Alan Unsworth of Hadrian Air Conditioning explains, "The hotel was fully operational and to close for refurbishment was not an option. We installed a total of 144 FXYBP concealed ceiling units above the bulkhead of each of the bedrooms. These units were chosen as they were designed specifically for hotel applications and could be installed with minimum interruption to the smooth running of the hotel. The installation was done in groups of six bedrooms therefore it was essential that the project was done efficiently and to a tight schedule. The indoor units were connected to 13 VRV 2 pipe cooling only condensing units."

How the system was controlled was of paramount importance to the site engineer who required a control system that offered full integration of the bedroom's air conditioning system from a central point. The hotel uses a key card reader in each bedroom for energy conservation therefore the control had to be compatible with this as well. BES Consulting Engineers Ltd decided to use DBACS (Daikin Air Conditioning Management System), as it provides both these operations from one source and enables the site engineer to access the system remotely. DBACS also has the added advantage of individual control of the units, report generation, fault indication and group control to name just a few.

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