Daikin ZEAS and Multi-ZEAS Condensing Units

According to Space Airconditioning plc, Daikin distributors since 1980, Daikin Europe’s range of ZEAS and Multi-ZEAS refrigeration condensing units provide the perfect solution for lower temperature applications with fluctuating loads and high-energy efficiency requirements such as supermarkets, blast coolers and freezers, cold storage, restaurants and petrol station convenience stores.  Energy efficient EC inverter control means that ZEAS refrigeration condensing units can help to minimise energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

DAIKIN’s integrated solution for industrial cooling and deep-freezing, ZEAS condensing units allow the operation of different cooling and deep freezing zones via one single outdoor unit.

High performance in variable load conditions

Based on Daikin’s renowned VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) technology and offered with a 3 year warranty as standard, ZEAS refrigeration condensing units provide excellent performance in variable load conditions and are suitable for applications within a wide temperature range from -45°C to +10°C.

Whereas conventional integrated solutions usually involve a complex process combining hardware, condensers and further system components, the ZEAS is ready to “plug-in” on delivery, which makes installation quick and easy. Optimised controls can communicate with third party monitoring or building management systems, via Daikin Europe’s powerful Modbus interface.

By means of a booster unit the ZEAS can also be run in cooling and deep-freezing mode simultaneously. This makes the system ideal for any facility that requires high operational efficiency in foodstuff cooling and deep-freezing.

Compact and quiet in operation

Multi-ZEAS provides a superior solution to the traditional rack systems typically used for larger capacities, because the units can be connected easily – in master and slave combination – so piping is reduced and installation time is much quicker, The units do not need to be installed in a plant room so retail space can be maximised. These refrigeration condensing units are both compact and quiet, so they are ideal for urban environments where space and noise limitations apply. Their reduced footprint and low sound emissions, with even quieter night-time settings, allows installation virtually anywhere. 

Features include:

Ø  EC Inverter scroll, low noise, compressors with economiser function to deliver high-energy efficiency and reliable performance.

Ø  High-grade sound insulation and anti-corrosion treatment is applied to ensure quiet operation and long life expectancy, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Ø  Compact design/reduced footprint makes the ZEAS easier to install, even in confined spaces.

Ø  ZEAS refrigeration condensing units are factory tested and pre-programmed for quick and easy installation and commissioning.

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