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We bring you up-to-date legislation and regulations for the air conditioning and heat pump industry. We’re dedicated to keeping you informed of the latest news, which could affect your business and your customers.

Our website offers you the chance to keep informed about the very latest regulatory industry news. It is imperative that you are up-to-date with the issues and legislation, which may affect your business.

Space Air website document updates:

Part L Building Regulations 2010

Part F Building Regulations 2010

EPBD: Air Conditioning Inspections Legislation

F Gas Regulation

Comprehensive information & guidance leaflets. (Note: F-Gas Regulation currently under review.)

Legislation to be aware of R-22 Refrigerant ban

From 1st January 2015 it will be illegal to use any HCFCs (i.e. R-22 refrigerant) to service RAC equipment. For further information about R-22 replacement please see visit our R22 replacement page or email r22@spaceair.co.uk

If you would like further information, please contact us on 01483 504 883.

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