Natural air conditioning

Despite 'environmentalists' cries for a natural alternative, the continued growth of mechanical Air Conditioning, particularly in the workplace, cannot logically or economically be stemmed, such is public and industry demand for improved standards of indoor air comfort and quality, whatever the season or time of day.

Mike Nankivell, Marketing and Business Development Director for the Guildford based Daikin distributor - Space Airconditioning plc, explains:

"Properly defined, air conditioning is a system or process for controlling the entire indoor climate including temperature (cooling and heating), ventilation, humidity and through filtration, the air quality. These are year-round requirements not simply limited to extremes of weather. Some 60% of modern, commercial air conditioning systems are based on heat pump technology and provide heating as the primary requirement.

The same systems can recover and re-direct waste heat energy and cool spaces at the same time. There is something 'natural' about it as the process transfers more free 'renewable' energy than the electricity it consumes, so it is extraordinarily efficient! Unfortunately there are some who continually argue that air conditioning (on the basis of their definition) is an unnecessary luxury, given the UK climate. This is misguided, misleading and overlooks a number of very important facts and considerations.

The fact is that if we are not comfortable we can neither work efficiently nor relax. There is a distinct relationship between temperature and accidents, dexterity, temperament, mental agility, comfort and physical performance. It is also well publicised that good indoor air quality is fundamental to our general health wellbeing.

Obviously our indoor environment is subject to many influences but in order for any building to operate efficiently, due attention must be paid to climate control and mechanical air conditioning has a critical part to play in many instances, whether 'environmentalists' like it or not".

Natural ventilation is available and enjoys a degree of success in many applications but this is a far cry from 'natural air conditioning' something that has yet to be successfully achieved."

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