Prestige air conditioning

Space Air has recently supplied Daikin's VRV II-S (or mini VRV) air conditioning to AAC Air Conditioning for installation in 14 new luxury apartments, in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Gary Withers of AAC Air Conditioning selected the new mini VRV as it was the most appropriate system for the job specification. The innovative VRV II-S heat pump system, in 4,5 and 6hp model sizes and connectable to 9 fan coil units, can provide the precise energy efficiency and climate control which is ideal for residential applications.

For this prestigious project, the developer required the outdoor equipment to be positioned some distance from the building. Gary stated, "One of the key features of the mini VRV system is its long refrigerant piping capabilities and so it offered the perfect solution. The required number of indoor fan coil units can be selected from a range of 12 different styles, thus allowing great flexibility in system design."

The Indoor units were installed within the show flat and the remaining apartments had pipe work pre-installed in the lounges, master bedrooms and second bedrooms with the intention of indoor units being easily added at a later date, as and when required by the residents. Insulated pipe work for the indoor units was completely concealed through dry lining the walls to create a suitable cavity. The infrared controller option was also added to give the end user the most flexibility.

Within the show flat, wall mounted indoor units were featured, to enable maximum floor space (crucial within the residential market). However, the option was available for purchasers to choose alternative indoor unit designs.

Daikin's state of the art technology has once again had an exceptional impact within the residential development sector. Gary Withers concluded, "For design flexibility, energy efficiency, build quality and reliability, Daikin VRV II-S combined with Space Air's outstanding service and technical support was our preferred choice for this important project."

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