Space Air Commissioning

Our own qualified engineers undertake commissioning of installed systems to give you the peace of mind that the system is working effectively, efficiently and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What we carry out in our commission

At the point of sale Space Air will recommend commission.

After Sales department will programme commissioning according to site progress and will require 10 days notice to attend to commission. We will then send a pre-commissioning checklist that will need to be completed before we visit on site.

On our visit we will confirm the state of installation by completing various test and checks on the system. These include witnessing the refrigerant pressure testing, checking wiring and piping, ensuring that it has been installed according to the schematics and manufacturer’s recommendations, taking photographs and data where necessary. All controls that we supply will be commissioned and demonstrated at the same time.

On completion of commissioning, we will send a full engineering report of commission with necessary recommendations and extra requirements if need be.

“You are required to have a maintenance contract in place within 3 months of installation to ensure the warranty is honoured and the system must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.”

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