Space Air: F-Gas, Dedicated to Help

Since passing the recent mandatory F-Gas certification deadline (4th July 2011), it is reported that some 50% of HVAC companies working within the scope of the regulation are yet to comply with this legislation and therefore could be operating illegally.

Space Airconditioning plc, Europe’s largest independent Daikin Distributor, is making a stern effort to reinforce the importance, and the potential complications, noncompliance can have on its customers and the industry as a whole.

Space Air, now in its 31st year, is actively targeting installers, consultants and end users through a number of informative ‘Snippets’, incentive programmes, access to relevant literature and support. The campaign outlines the legal and financial implications, where and how certification can be obtained, and further important updates as they happen.

This activity is testament to the strong position Space Air holds within the HVAC industry and the company’s dedication in providing its customers with expert advice and guidance, as well as being proactively involved within the decision making process of legislation that directly affects the HVAC industry.

Space Air continues to work in the best interests of its customers and those affected by legislation such as F-Gas, ensuring high standards and any legal obligations are met, thus creating a fairer, more efficient and safe environment for every business and end user involved.

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