Space Air passes ISO9001 and ISO14001 Audit

We are delighted to announce that we have passed our ISO9001 and ISO14001 external audits with exceptional feedback. We will continue to improve our procedures to become even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

What is ISO9001:2008?

ISO9001 is an International Standard for Quality Management Systems designed for all types of organisations. It audits procedures for different tasks to ensure that a constant high standard, fully traceable of work is maintained at all stages.

Space Air offers:

Customer Satisfaction by delivering products and services that meet our customer requirements. Improved risk management procedures to increase consistency and traceability of our products and services. “Space Air doesn’t have problems, only solutions.”

What is ISO14001:2004?

ISO14001 is an International Standard for Environmental Management designed for all types of organisations. It audits the activities that we have in place to reduce our impact on the environment. These include the handling and treatment of waste, energy consumption and the use of natural resources.

Auditor Response

“This was a good audit with all the required documentation available in good shape. There is no reason why the certificate should not be renewed. The company Environmental Manager has everything under extremely good control. This still continues to be one of the best environmental systems I have audited.”

Examples of what we do to reduce our environmental impact

Space Air participates in the following to help reduce it’s environmental foot print while working with Daikin Europe, who are committed to improving efficiency and reducing energy costs.

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