Space Air's own delivery fleet!

All our lorries have roll top and sides, which speeds up loading and unloading time, when available space is limited. Using the roll top and sides gives us the ability to deliver in restricted areas with less chance of damaging products.

Our vehicles have built in tracking system where our logistics team can detect traffic jams and divert our lorries away from unnecessary traffic, allowing us to speed up response. On average saves 20% on fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

When delivering our larger products we use our lorries, which have built in tail lifts. This allows for speedy loading and unloading time with the ability to deliver in restricted areas. This also reduces the chance of damaging products and meets health and safety regulations.

Our newer vehicles have economical engines, which are friendly on the environment and all of the fleet have sat nav’s for easy navigation to site locations for a speedy response and higher efficiency.

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