The first ACR show opens it doors at NEC

Mike Nankivell, Marketing & Business Development Director for the long standing Daikin Distributor - Space Air, Chairman of the ACRIB F Gas Implementation Group, Chairman of the HEVAC Air Conditioning Plenary Committee and Vice President of the Heat Pump Association.

Tuesday 13th at 13:45

HFC's - phase out or phase down? Where next for Europe on F-Gas

Speaker Mike Nankivell is something of an authority on the F Gas Regulation having chaired the ACRIB F Gas Implementation group for some 7 years.

This new presentation provides an overview of where we are in relation to the Regulation, then brings us right up to date with details of the recent EC review and Stakeholder consultation, outlines the EPEE (the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment) 'Roadmap' and the general consensus on the thorny subject of an F Gas phase down.

Wednesday 14th at 10:30am

Is your system up to the mark?

The EU Regulation 2037/2000 on Ozone Depleting Substances which included a phase out programme leading to an outright ban on the use of one of the world's most widely used HCFC refrigerants - R22.

The EU F Gas Regulation - 842/2006 which placed new legal obligations on building operators, companies and certain personnel regarding the containment, recovery and responsible use of fluorinated (greenhouse) gasses, including those currently found in stationary air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump equipment.

The Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) which requires, among other things, all installed air conditioning systems with a rated cooling output greater than 12kW to be inspected by an accredited energy assessor every 5 years (effective from January 2009!).  The presentation includes a 'rogue's gallery' of what air conditioning inspections can reveal!

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