Unique to Space Air - Auto-changeover, lead/lag control panels*

Space Air designs and manufactures computer room control panels that save energy and running costs, but most importantly, ensure the computer room stays at a set temperature.


We can accommodate up to 5 system configurations on one of our Control Panels

Split Lead/Lag Run Stand-by Control Panel

2 System Controls

Split Model No: 0488DS / 0488CS

2 System Configs: 1 Run / 1 Stand-by or 2 Run on Temp Rise

Sky Air Lead/Lag Run Stand-by Control Panel

3 System Controls

Sky Air Model No: 0488C3S

3 System Configs: 2 Run / 1 Stand-by or 3 Run on Temp Rise

For further information please call 0845 319 1980 or email enquiries@spaceair.co.uk

*Tested and Certified|Space Air do not recommend using the Classic Sky range in a computer room

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