2nd generation Daikin R22 Replacement

Daikin Europe N.V. announces the introduction of VRV®III-Q – the second generation of its Replacement VRV®III cost effective upgrade solution for systems based on the banned R-22 refrigerant. VRV®III-Q enables existing R22 heat pump or heat recovery systems to be upgraded state of the art R-410A systems. Since the existing installation piping – and in many cases also the indoor units – can be retained, the installation minimum downtime and new investment is needed.

Cost effective and easy

From the onset of the R22 ban, Daikin presented the market with a cost-effective solution in its first generation VRV®III-Q system, with which existing piping and in many cases the indoor units, could be retained. The new second generation, larger capacity outdoor units (up to 48 HP) have a reduced footprint, which is smaller than corresponding R22 outdoor units, allowing their one-to-one replacement. As a result, existing power supply connections can also be retained.

VRV®III-Q is designed to operate the lower pressures suitable for existing R22 piping whilst maintaining high energy efficiency. The use of automatic charging and cleaning obviates the need for new piping – required in the past for system upgrades due to oil and contaminants in existing piping – even in the case of previous compressor breakdown. In many cases, only the outdoor units need to be replaced, allowing phased replacement, spreading of investment costs and minimal disruption to business operations.

VRV®III-Q is available in capacities of 5 to 48 HP (heat pump) and 10 to 30 HP (heat recovery) models. All existing Daikin R22 and R-407C VRV® installations can be replaced and many non Daikin R22 or R-407C installations can also be upgraded with this system. In addition to possible efficiency gains of more than 40%, system capacity can be increased without changing the refrigerant piping, allowing the system to adapt to increased cooling and heating demand.

Space Air have a dedicated R22 team to help with your phase out program, email: R22@spaceair.co.uk

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