Complete controls systems solutions!

Space Air can design specific configurations for your projects as and when you need them. We also commission control systems ensuring correct installation and functionality for your building.

What can Space Air offer you?

We create complete design solutions for control systems.

When supplyingy a control panel, we are the only suppliers to include all the necessary components needed to make it fully functional and set-up ready for your building’s air conditioning needs.

Space Air supplies and supports control systems that integrate with Building Management Systems, see below.

Intelligent Manager

Is designed specifically to control VRV but also applies to Sky Air and Split systems, based around a centralised format and dedicated to the complete control and monitoring of all system’s functions. It can be used as a flexible multi purpose system and applied to a variety of needs, according to the scale, purpose and control method of each building. It can manage up to 1,024 indoor units.

Intelligent Controller

Is an advanced centralised control air conditioning management system that provides complete control for air conditioning equipment. This ‘all in one’ graphic controller mounts neatly on any wall and takes up far less room space than BMS type systems.

Intelligent Touch Controller incorporates a touch-screen and colour LCD display. Has the ability to manage 64 units to one controller and is compatible with VRV, HRV, Sky Air® and Split with interface adapters. iTouch can also be web-enabled allowing remote access.

For further information please visit our web page control systems

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