Daikin VRV®III Heating Only

Governments and public authorities are expected to deal wisely with expenditures on public buildings. Thus, the lowest possible heating cost is to everyone’s advantage, especially when the same heating system is able to ensure optimum comfort for the building’s occupants and contribute to reduced CO2 emissions. The solution that does it all: Daikin VRV®III Heating Only.

The VRV®III Heating Only system by Daikin uses renewable energy from the outdoor air to drive the heating process. It generates 4 kW of usable heat for every 1 kW of electricity consumed, which makes it much more efficient than heating systems that burn fossil fuels. Hence this system reduces both the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a building. Even when the electricity used comes from non-renewable sources, CO2 emissions are still much lower than boilers that burn fuel oil or natural gas. Thus VRV®III Heating Only reduces a building’s heating costs and its environmental footprint.

VRV®III Heating Only is designed for buildings of all sizes with diverse heating needs. It is ideal for public buildings in climates where summer cooling is not required. Outdoor units from 25 to 170 kW support up to 64 separate indoor units, with each indoor unit receiving only the heat it needs. 

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