Daikin’s combined low and medium temperature ZEAS units

Daikin Europe's range of ZEAS refrigeration condensing units has been updated to offer very high levels of energy efficiency for both cooling and freezing applications in single, compact units.

The ZEAS B-Series condensing units replace the original A-Series range. While two different units were needed to supply either cooling or freezing temperatures with the A-Series, individual B-Series units can cover the full temperature range. Set up is easy, with the required temperature range (cooling, freezing or both) being selected during commissioning.

Daikin’s ZEAS range (model ref: LREQ-BY) features seven models from 5 to 20HP, available in three different casings. This makes them the suitable for applications with fluctuating loads and high energy efficiency needs, including supermarkets, blast coolers and freezers, cold storage, butchers, bakeries, restaurants, petrol station retail outlets.

Inverter control for high energy efficiency and low noise levels

Daikin’s ZEAS range is based on the company’s 30 years proven VRV technology, which is renowned for its energy efficiency, reliability and controllability, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and reduced operating costs.

The units use DC inverter scroll compressors, which can meet cooling demand, while consuming less power than traditional units. High levels of energy efficiency are achieved, even in partial load conditions. Start-up times are faster, so required temperatures are reached quickly, avoiding temperature fluctuations. Once the target temperature is reached, inverter control ensures that it is consistently maintained.

ZEAS condensing units are far quieter than traditional units too, because the inverter control allows fan speeds to be kept low while still meeting cooling demand. Sound levels can be adjusted to match environmental requirements or the time of day. At night, for example, maximum fan speeds can be lowered to reduce noise, with only a limited loss of refrigeration capacity. The fans have blades and grills designed specially to reduce turbulence and lower noise further.

Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance

As with previous ZEAS units, the new range is quick and easy to install and commission. The compact units (the smallest is just 1,680 x 635 x 765mm; the largest 1,680 x 1,240 x 765mm) can be placed in tight spaces, even indoors. The ‘plug and play’ units are fully equipped with optimised controls and, because of their quiet operation, no additional noise reduction measures are required. Servicing and maintenance is also simple.

ZEAS units can communicate with a third party monitoring system or building management system via Daikin’s powerful Modbus interface. Units can also be controlled remotely, with the ability to switch them on or off; to set them to low noise operation and to change target temperatures.

Keep things cool while maximising retail space and minimising energy bills

The new Daikin ZEAS B-Series is the perfect solution for multiple refrigerant needs in supermarkets and smaller retail outlets. The compact outdoor units come fully equipped and do not need to be installed in a plant room, so retail space is maximised. Their high levels of energy efficiency means less energy is consumed, CO2 emissions are reduced and energy bills are lower.

The low operating noise levels and the ability to switch to night mode means the ZEAS range is ideal for use in built-up areas, allowing cooling demands to be met, without disturbing residents. The outdoor units also have anti-corrosion housing giving long life, even in harsh environments

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