Daikin’s new Streamer Technology

Space Air are happy to announce Daikin have recently launched its latest advanced technology air purifier, the Streamer Technology Air Purifier. This portable unit is designed to decompose allergens and harmful bacteria and to release the ‘purified air’ back into the room thus enhancing the health aspects of the environment.

Many air purifiers are based on a simple filter system but Daikin found that this was insufficient to meet the high expectations of their customers and the ever increasing sophistication of the climate control solutions with which the purifiers are often combined. To address this issue, research was undertaken that has resulted in a complete re-engineering of the Daikin Streamer Technology Air Purifier. Instead of a simple filter, a multi-layer filter system is employed with six elements to capture, remove and decompose not just allergens and bacteria but also dust particles, odours, pet hairs, moulds, pollens and mites thus providing a far high degree of purification.

The high energy-efficiency and functionality of the unit is further enhanced by the advanced hand-held ‘remote control’ that enables the customer to programme the unit to provide the desired quality of air whenever it is required.

With its ultra-quiet operation, its compact and easily portable size, and advanced controls, Daikin’s new range of air purifiers are likely to become the ‘benchmark’ against which all other air purifiers are judged.

The new Daikin Siesta Flash Streamer will be available to purchase from Space Air in early 2012 at: www.siestaair.co.uk

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