Multi-Split Systems

Space Air supplies energy efficient multi-split heat pump systems, with a wide range of indoor units to choose from, that offer heating or cooling for year round comfort.

This system is incredibly flexible as the multi-inverter controlled outdoor units can operate with 2, 3, 4 or 5 indoor fan coil units (FCUs) which can be individually controlled and installed at different times if needed. There is a wide choice of indoor units; 14 model styles such as; wall mounted, concealed ceiling, floor standing, round flow cassettes, radiator heat panel Nexura, Emura, etc and the fan coil units can connect to different capacities to the multi-split system, which allows selection according to capacity requirements.

This system has inverter technology, which continually adjusts the cooling and heating output to improve comfort levels. The inverter monitors and adjusts the temperature in direct relation to demand, therefore reducing energy consumption by 30% compared to non-inverter system.

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