Online controller puts you in control

Under the slogan “Always in control, no matter where you are”, Daikin Europe N.V. announces the release of its new online controller. The solution is available for a wide range of Daikin split units, and allows you to control your heat pump system from anywhere via a laptop, tablet or smartphone with access to the internet or via wired remote control.

Always in control

It can happen to anyone. You forgot to turn off your heat pump system before leaving home, or you will be delayed returning home and wish to avoid needlessly warming or cooling your home. What in the past would have resulted in wasted energy is no longer a problem. With the new Daikin online controller, you are always in control. You can use your laptop, tablet or even smartphone to access your heat pump system via the internet. Fault conditions can also be detected remotely, allowing a quick response to problems.

No matter where you are

Control of your heat pump system is possible from anywhere with internet access: simply enter the URL or run the app on a supported device and you have access to your system’s main functions. Whether you are a residential user, or the manager of a chain of shops wanting to control groups of units, the Daikin online controller gives you the peace of mind of having full control. 

The online controller is compatible with selected Daikin split systems such as the stylish Daikin Emura and the radiant heat panel Nexura unit, as well as other wall-mounted, floor-standing and ducted systems in the split range.

For further information about our range of controls, visit our Controls section.

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