Sky Air unit optimised SEER

The new Sky Air outdoor and indoor range offers 20% better performance than previous models and can reach higher levels of seasonal energy efficiency at no extra cost from Space Air. The new seasonal series already complies with the EU’s 2014 Eco-Design requirements.

There are several features of the new Daikin outdoor seasonal range which is the new BRC1E52A remote controller, the i-demand option to reduce power consumption, the selectable evaporating and condensing temperatures and a standard night quiet mode. The seasonal range can also use the existing R-22 or R-407C piping that can be reused if upgrading and is compatible with D-BACS.

Daikin have created several new Sky Air indoor unit types for wall mounted, ceiling and tall floor standing, the features are detailed below.

Wall Mounted Unit-FAQ-C (new series)

Concealed Ducted High Static Ceiling FDQ-C (125 only)

Tall Floor Standing Unit-FVQ-C

For further information on Seasonal Efficiency please view our seasonal efficiency webpage.

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