VRV IV - setting the standards

The new VRV IV heat pump units are available from Space Air, Daikin's largest independent Daikin distributor.

VRV IV heat pump achieves a new benchmark for efficiency, as it features major enhancements to the already industry-leading VRV solution. VRV IV heat pump offers three revolutionary innovations: variable refrigerant temperature, continuous heating during defrost and the VRV configurator for simplified commissioning and servicing.

Variable refrigerant temperature technology allows installers to customise the system using a choice of presets.

In automatic mode, the system is configured for high efficiency levels throughout the year, while allowing rapid response on the hottest days, thereby ensuring comfort at all times. This technology is capable of delivering a 28% increase in seasonal efficiency, because the system continually adjusts the refrigerant temperature according to the total required capacity and weather conditions.

For example, in mid-season when little cooling is needed, the room temperature will already be close to the setpoint, so a small difference between room and refrigerant temperature is sufficient for the system to operate effectively. In automatic mode, the system will change the refrigerant temperature from 6°C (the current operating standard) to a higher temperature, resulting in reduced energy consumption and significantly improving the seasonal efficiency.

The other available mode is the “high sensible” mode, where energy efficiency is maximised with guaranteed high outblow temperatures and no cold drafts, but the set point may not be maintained so accurately.

Continuous heating during defrost is another revolutionary innovation that sets a new standard in comfort, making VRV IV the best heat pump alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Continuous heating finally overcomes any perceived disadvantages of specifying a heat pump because the heat pump continues to provide continuous comfort, even when in defrost mode.

This is important because all heat pumps accumulate ice during heating operation, which must be melted periodically. This defrost operation reverses the refrigeration cycle, causing a temporary temperature drop within the room. VRV IV features a unique heat-accumulating element which provides dedicated energy for the defrost function, while indoor units continue to provide heating and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

The new VRV configurator completes the trio of innovations, offering an advanced software solution which simplifies commissioning and servicing. The software allows the remote configuration of settings that can be used at multiple sites, so less time is required on the roof, configuring the outdoor unit. Ongoing maintenance is easier too, thanks to a graphical interface that allows engineers to evaluate operational data and errors.

VRV IV integrates with intelligent solutions

To complement the VRV IV heat pump system, Daikin’s new intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) offers an intuitive user interface with a visible floorplan, which can manage up to 2,560 indoor units and provides energy management tools to maximize efficiency.

The VRV IV heat pump can be used together with a wide range of ventilation units, hot water hydroboxes, Biddle air curtains and Daikin’s wide range of fan coil units, including the latest round flow cassettes, which feature a daily auto cleaning filter option that could reduce energy consumption over the year by up to 50%. The Roundflow cassette is also available with a presence sensor that adjusts the set point or switches off the unit when nobody is in the room. This produces potential further savings in energy consumption of up 27% over a typical three hour working period.

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