Complete Total Solutions - Air-to-Water indoor unit

Cascade Hydrobox

Daikin’s advanced cascade hydrobox technology, reaches exceptionally high temperatures (up to 80°C) efficiently without the need for an auxiliary heater or fossil fuel boiler. System capacities are maintained even at extreme low temperatures. The hydrobox can supply water for heating and DHW (Domestic Hot Water).


Space Air Accessories

Space Air designs and manufactures in-house bespoke accessories to complement Daikin products.

The main accessory supplied with a cascade hydrobox is the award winning Space Air piping kit. Designed to optimise system efficiency, filtration and flow rate, simplify maintenance and reduce on-site labour by 50%.

All Daikin Space Air hydroboxes are supplied complete with a Space Air piping kit


New: The VRV IV installation has been simplified and guarantees optimal efficiency with automatic charging and testing!

LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water) / DHW (Domestic Hot Water)

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