Double award winners at the National Heat Pump Awards

Space Air has been designing and manufacturing ancillary components, to fully optimise the efficiency of Daikin systems, for over 32 years. The company now has a library of over 2000 existing templates and more than 500 stock items.

Neil Afram, managing director of Space Air Solutions Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Daikin Distributor Space Airconditioning plc, maintains that each Daikin Altherma heat pump system installed should be, as closely as possible, a replica of the next. With this in mind Space Air developed it’s unique Daikin Altherma accessory kit. The kit ensures that each installation is fully compliant with current regulations, creates a uniform standard across all projects, fully optimises the efficiency of the system and extends operational life; in turn this reduces trouble-shooting calls. The purposely written literature that goes out with the kits has been developed to educate end users, heating engineers and plumbers alike.

Double winners, Space Air was also presented with the special  ‘Recognised for Excellence’ Award for ‘Energy Monitoring’. Neil Afram commented ‘Every Space Air supplied Daikin Altherma system comes complete with a consumer watt meter to monitor the system’s energy consumption and provide readings, which are also taken at time of annual maintenance. As each system is also provided with the Daikin Altherma accessory kit, the actual readings when compared to the original predictions are often outperformed.‘

The Daikin Altherma c-series wall-hung split heat pump system manufactured by Daikin Europe was also highly commended during the Awards gala event.

For further information on the Space Air Daikin Altherma system please email us or call us on 01483 252 252.

Space Air has a fully operational show room based at their Guildford HQ office.

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