Makes good sense

Surprisingly, air conditioning in the UK workplace is not that common. According to government figures, in the offices sector only about 20% of the total floor area is air conditioned and in total it is estimated that just 40% of all commercial buildings have air conditioning, so a good many of us can find ourselves working in far from stable and at times, uncomfortable environmental conditions in the workplace.

Numerous surveys, over the years have revealed that there is a direct correlation between productivity (up or down) and temperature in the workplace, similarly accidents and absenteeism can increase alarmingly where working conditions, move just 3°C outside the perceived "comfort zone", this is generally assessed to be 22°C or 71.6°F. Lost productivity, accidents and absenteeism obviously cost businesses £millions each year, yet a little more investment in our working environment, in terms of climate control and indoor air quality could make a significant difference.

According to Guildford based, Space Airconditioning plc, one reason that the commercial take up of air conditioning in the UK is relatively low is because the benefits of the available technology are woefully misunderstood. "Generally speaking, when people attempt to define air conditioning, they only associate it with cooling", comments Mike Nankivell, Business Development Manager for Space Air; "employers are likely to take the view that given our 'normal' short periods of above average temperature days, an investment in cooling equipment for the workplace would have an unacceptable payback period. The fact is that the majority of air conditioning systems today employ heat pump technology which means that one system can efficiently replace conventional heating systems in the colder months of the year as well as resolve overheating problems in the summer. This can be a very sound commercial investment, particularly as heat pumps can also attract valuable tax breaks for businesses".

"Installing heat pump based air conditioning in the workplace makes very good sense all round" claims Nankivell; "maintenance costs are low and operating efficiency levels are excellent, with most heat pumps being capable of out-performing conventional gas and other fossil fuel boilers by a factor of 4. Additionally, heat pumps are classified as renewable micro-generation technology, so acknowledged as good for the global environment. A well-designed, good quality heat pump air conditioning system can be set to maintain the optimum workplace temperature of 22°C all year round." As a distributor of Daikin products, the world's leading manufacturer, Space Air has been supplying air conditioning systems for almost 30 years and is happy to offer advice on various available options and put prospective clients in touch with a dependable and approved local installer". If you would like more information on the year round benefits that air conditioning can offer, contact Space Air on 01483 504883.

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