Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy

Space Air understands that the manufacturer’s warranty can be confusing. We want to confirm the facts and make warranty conditions as clear as possible.

Space Air & Daikin Manufacturer’s Warranty Information:

Space Air and Daikin warranty states that the warranty does not apply if “...the installation and operation instructions as issued by the manufacturer and Space Air, are not followed...”

Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty Conditions:

  1. Installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  2. Maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations
  3. Operated in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations
  4. All parties involved in the supply chain have been paid in full

How a warranty claim can be invalidated:

Repeated Claims

It is important to note that any repeat warranty claims / replacements will be subject to investigation by the manufacturer or Space Air.

How to make a claim

To make a claim on your manufacturer’s warranty you need to contact our Technical Department on 01483 252 222. We will discuss the fault with the unit and obtain the full model number and the unit’s unique serial number.

Once it has been confirmed that the warranty is still in date and the claim is validated the Warranty Department will process the claim.

Beware: The warranty specifies that you need adequate proof that the equipment is defective.

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