Reaping efficiency rewards

Space Airconditioning plc, the Guildford based Daikin Distributor, holds registration under the environmental standard ISO14001:2004, in the unique category of "Distributors of air conditioning equipment and manufacture of ancillary components".

Despite the challenging business conditions of the past two years, Space Air has remained committed to taking all reasonable steps to reduce the environmental impact of its commercial activities. The ISO 14001 Standard forms an important part of Space Air's objectives and so the Directors were delighted when the annual external audit approved certificate renewal with a highly complimentary report on the management of the system and environmental targets achieved to date, the auditor concluding with "This is one of the best environmental systems I have audited".

Perhaps the most impressive achievement was energy efficiency improvements recorded for the Daikin VRVQ air conditioning system installed earlier this year to replace the existing older VRV system.
Detailed metered records indicating minutes run and kW/hrs consumed by the new VRVQ system were compared with corresponding periods in previous years for the original system and showed a remarkable average 28.6% reduction in monthly kW/hr consumption!

A Space Air spokesman commented, "In addition to various other measures we have undertaken to reduce our environmental impact, the external auditor was particularly impressed by the very significant energy savings achieved by the VRVQ system. Although we need to look at a full year of recordings to get a fair comparison, the results so far are extremely encouraging, not only in terms of meeting our own objectives but also in reinforcing the efficiency benefits of VRVQ for the many customers considering replacing existing R22 or R407C VRV systems.

VRVQ has specifically been designed to enable older VRV systems to be replaced without the need to renew the existing pipework and in some cases, retain the existing fan coil units. VRVQ can therefore be installed relatively quickly, at considerably reduced costand site disruption. The additional benefit is substantially lower running costs. We are already reaping the rewards and our customers can do the same."

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