Computer Room Control Panels

Auto-changeover, lead/lag control panels are designed to save energy and running costs, these simple to use panels are essential for the varying load of computer rooms. Features include:

·       Auto-changeover on failure

·       Lead/lag operation (auto change 1 - 7 days)

·       Auto simultaneous operation on demand

        (both units operate if load increases)

·       Run and fault indication

·       Remote run/fault indication available

·       Easy installation

·       Energy saving benefits

·       Designed, manufactured and tested by Space Air

        to the highest Standards

What can Space Air create for you?

We design and manufacture system control panels in-house ready for installation. Why add to your costs when Space Air can simplify your procurement process?

Examples of Lead/Lag Contol Panels:

Split Lead/Lag Run Stand by Control Panel

2 System Controls Split Model No: 0488DS

* Space Air do not recommended using the Classic Sky Air range in a computer room.

Sky Air Lead/Lag Run Stand by Control Panel

3 System Controls Sky Air Model No: 0488CS

We can accommodate up to 5 System Configurations on one of our control panels.

For further information, please visit our lead/lag panels page.

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