Daikin Europes super-efficient brushless DC fan coil units

Daikin Europe N.V launches super-efficient brushless DC fan coil units

Brushless DC motors (also known as electronically commutated or EC motors) fitted to Daikin Europe’s latest chilled water fan coil unit range slashes energy consumption by up to 70%, compared with models fitted with AC motors. These super-efficient units can also maintain enhanced comfort levels with minor variations in air temperature and relative humidity.

The highly energy efficient range includes: floor standing units (FWZ-A); concealed flexi units (FWR-A); flexi units concealed (FWS-A) and medium ESP (External Static Pressure) ducted units (FWP-A). The new fan coil units meet the highest Eurovent Classes and all current European Directives covering energy efficiency (for example, 2002/91/CE, on the energy performance of buildings).

With capacities up to 10kW, the new brushless DC units are ideal for cooling and heating commercial and industrial applications such as: offices, retail, hotels to apartments. Quiet and compact, the concealed ceiling units are designed to fit into narrow voids, and the exposed units are stylish and sleek, blending in with any interior.

As a brushless DC motor is able to maintain set point with only slight variations in air temperature and relative humidity, less power is needed, hence the remarkable up to 70% reduction (depending on running conditions) in power consumption compared with a traditional three-speed AC motor driven fan coil unit. This ability to maintain set point also increases comfort levels for occupants. With their quiet operation, these units are suitable for nighttime running when used in bedrooms.

Highly energy efficient, the fan coil units are easy to operate, with user-friendly individual controls, and can be integrated with a building management system using Daikin’s powerful Modbus connection.

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