New Daikin water-cooled chiller

The new EWWD~H- R-134a chiller is available in a wider range of capacities (370-1, 215 kW) and 11 unit sizes. It also offers an extended operating range with CLWTs up to 65°C*, high efficiency and a long list of options, making it the ideal choice for a broad spectrum of industrial and comfort applications.

The flexible solution

The new EWWD~H- range, which replaces the existing EWWD~BJYNN line, boasts a wider operating range thanks to its electronic expansion valve. The standard units support condenser leaving water temperatures to 50°C, with an optional high temperature kit allowing CLWTs to 65°C. A heat pump version is also available for supplying hot water, and is well suited to geothermal applications. The long list of additional options includes suction shut off valve, soundproofing and compressor thermal relay, making the R-134a based chillers ideal for a broad range of comfort and cooling applications.

Superior control and easy integration with external systems

Control has also been improved, with the new MicroTech III controller offering superior control logic and easy integration with external systems such as building management systems and sequencing panels. The MicroTech III controller dynamically controls compressor capacity for optimum efficiency and performance. It also protects critical components in the case of failure, and enables continued operation in partial failure situations.

The new EWWD~H- range is available in 11 sizes with 1 or 2 single-screw compressors for a minimum of wear and maintenance. Cooling capacities range from 370 to 1,215 kW, and EERs up to 6.17 and ESEERs up to 7.43 are possible.

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*with optional 'high temperature kit'.

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