New Large Commercial Condensing Units

Large commercial cooling systems are usually the result of combining the various components (compressor, condenser, evaporator...) on site in a one-off installation. This is a labour-intensive process that brings with it increased installation times as well as reliability issues due to component compatibility and the difficulty of performing quality control on site.

Daikin Europe N.V. announces a solution to these shortcomings with the introduction of its ICU range of mid to high-range (113 to 417 kW at -10/+32°C) condensing units that combines the compressor and condenser in a single outdoor package. The Industrial Condensing Units are capable of providing adaptable cooling capacity for hyper & supermarkets, blast freezing and chilling applications, cold storage and distribution platforms, food processing rooms …The Daikin units benefit from subsidiary J&E Hall’s more than one hundred years of experience in the refrigeration industry.

Efficient and ultra-reliable industrial cooling

Reliability is ensured with the use of J&E Hall single screw compressors. Their single screw design provides balanced compression with a minimum of wear and maintenance. Minimum bearing design life is 100,000 running hours (L10).

The ICU’s cooling capacity is controlled (12.5% to 100% of capacity) via sliding valve technology. For increased adaptability and efficiency, a Variable Speed Drive option is available (8.5% to 100% of capacity). The ICU’s 4 to 10 fans are dynamically controlled in function of ambient temperature to provide the lowest condensing pressure. Precise condenser pressure control allows the system to optimiseenergy efficiency and performance.

Enhanced economy and optimum control

Economy can be further enhanced with the economizer option: a portion of the high-pressure liquid from the condenser is expanded in the economizer to intermediate pressure. This portion of liquid sub-cools the main liquid line, increasing the capacity in the evaporator without increasing the compressor size. Then, the superheated vapour is injected into the economizer port of the single screw compressor at an intermediate stage pressure rather than low compressor suction pressure. This technology also decreases the discharge temperature, which further lessens compressor load and results in even greater energy savings.

The ICU’s built in controller allows management of the compressors capacity control and fan condenser modulation. It also protects critical components in response to external signals from its system sensors and allows the units to continue to function in partial failure conditions.

Compact, quiet, flexible installation

The small footprint ICU is delivered fully wired. Only the mains electrical supply and start-stop signal wiring is required on site. Installation piping lengths are also reduced. The integrated unit has fully matched components and built-in controls that have been factory-tested, including leak testing, for maximum reliability.

The ICU has low sound levels, and optional sound packages and low speed fans are available for sound-critical applications. The units are also easy to maintain. External oil filters can be replaced without opening the compressors. Isolating and drain valves allow the filter cartridge to be changed within minutes.

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