Round Flow Cassette Saves Energy

There are many features of the round flow cassette; one very important option available would be the self-cleaning decoration panel (BYCQ140DG with BRC1E5ZA controller) automatically cleans itself once a day reducing maintenance time. This is ideal for the retail sector where cloth fibres and dust can accumulate.

On the new round flow cassette there is a presence sensor that adjusts temperature or switches unit off when there is nobody in the room. There is a floor sensor that can detect the average floor temperature and ensures an even distribution between ceiling and floor. Finally the presence sensor can direct air flow away from any person detected in the room. These features can save up to 27% energy and improve comfort and efficiency.

The remote controller, BRC1E52A has a series of energy saving functions such as; temperature range limit, improved setback function, presence and floor sensor connection, setting temperature auto reset, off timer, three weekly timers and a kWh indicator. All these function can help save you energy and increase comfort. Please note that some functions are available with the BYCQ140DG decoration panel.

These new functions make installation flexible as you have the ability to close one or more flaps via a wired remote controller to suit the configuration of the room. It also allows 36o°C airflow giving a uniform temperature distribution across the room, eliminating dead corners.

For further information, please visit our seasonal energy efficiency page.

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