Seasonal range offers high performance

Daikin Europe N.V.’s Seasonal Smart and Seasonal Classic commercial systems offer average energy efficiency improvements better than 20% compared to standard systems at the same price!

ErP Energy Efficiency Standards

From 2013 the ErP Directive will require all air conditioning products with low efficiencies be banned and products under 12kW be rated according to new minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER). Daikin’s Seasonal Smart and Classic ranges already beat 2014 minimum SEER.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

Gives you an indication of how efficient an air conditioner or heat pump operates over an entire cooling or heating season. The higher the SEER number the better the system is at converting electricity into cooling / heating.

The ErP Directive

Further Information

Find out more about seasonal efficiency or contact the marketing department on 0845 319 1980.

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