About Space Air & LG

The name Space (Specialised Packaged Air Conditioning Equipment) Air was first created by Neil Afram in 1980 to distribute air conditioning equipment.
The ‘Space Air’ name is a registered Trade Mark - since 1998.

From the outset, Space Air was exclusively dedicated to the supply of one product manufacturer Daikin, unknown at the time in the UK, to service the UK and European markets. Space Air had been a dedicated contributor to the success story of Daikin in the UK and throughout the European and Global market for over 40 years. In November 2016 Neil Afram sadly put Space Air plc in administration, for reasons of unfair treatment, and change of policies by Daikin in introducing R32 flammable refrigerant in the RAC range for commercial reasons and they held patents, contrary to safety of consumers,.see more about R32.
Space Air /Neil Afram action was to protect the integrity, experience and staff of Space Air from liquidation. The administration ended on 17th Nov 2018 and successfully protected the integrity of Space Air name.

Space Air Ltd is now an authorised distributor of LG HVCA Business Solutions, across the United Kingdom. Space Air Ltd is committed to embracing their vision and their warranty policies and conditions, complementing our 36 years experience in customer satisfaction, to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service. 

Space Air Ltd initially will operate from two locations (Guildford and Bristol) and we offer national coverage supported by unmatched friendly IT and data information centers and web services. 

Space Air Ltd, registered on 11 November 2016, has legally succeeded in purchasing all Trade Marks, IP, Operating Software, websites and all data rights from the administrators of plc. Space Air Ltd also has the legal approval to use "Space Air" name.

Space Air success story summerised in our 30 year celebration brochure


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